Tomohiro Ara
Associate Professor
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,
Fukushima University,
Fukushima 960-1296, Japan.


Research Interests
International Trade, International Economics.

Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • ``Two-sided Heterogeneity: New Implications for Input Trade,'' Review of International Economics 31, 1032-1067, August 2023. [PDF] [Slides] [Link]
  • ``The Margins of Intermediate Goods Trade: Theory and Evidence,'' (joint with Hongyong Zhang), The International Economy 23, 105-144, December 2020. [PDF] [Slides] [Slides (in Japanese)] [Link]
  • ``Country Size, Technology, and Ricardian Comparative Advantage,'' Review of International Economics 28, 497-536, May 2020. [PDF] [Slides] [Link]
  • ``Tariffs, Vertical Specialization and Oligopoly,'' (joint with Arghya Ghosh), European Economic Review 82, 1-23, February 2016. [PDF] [Supplementary Note] [Slides] [Link]
  • ``Global Sourcing in Industry Equilibrium,'' Japanese Economic Review 65, 93-115, March 2014. [PDF] [Slides (Previous Version)] [Link]

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